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Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Game Release!

Montague Viper's: Death of Mr Big Nose! by Paul Fairhall
12 players
10 players
8 players
6 players

Some people said he had it coming. One might even say he couldn’t help himself. It was yet another day full of arguments, threats and scuffles and finally, the inevitable has happened. Big Nose is dead. Dead as a parrot.

But how did he die? And why? Well, let’s solve that bit now. He was utterly obnoxious, prone to violent outbursts and nobody liked him, not even his wife. And he did have a very big nose…

As for the rest, well, perhaps you can help the Roman centurion, Nosius Parkus, to solve that little conundrum. And if you’re successful and discover the offender, feel free to nail ‘im up!

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