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Thursday, 29 July 2010

Customer feedback

Dear Red Herring Games,

I thought you might like to hear a little about our hilarious evening on Saturday.......It could not have gone better and was a total success. Everyone really threw themselves into it and we had a ball! Thank-you so much. Considering that the author told me that she did not watch the soaps you did a great job customising our game to include characters from Eastenders!
It really was brilliant and I cannot thank you (or recommend you) enough.

Juliet Jones

Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Cusotmer feedback

Our customer services team recieved this email this morning:

Dear Red Herring Games,

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for the extraordinary effort you put into the collation and distribution process for "Twisted at the Transylvanian". I received the package on Wednesday, 21 July and was thrilled to sift through the pieces. You have made this new endeavor feel quite simple and the pre-planning for the event has already begun. Our dinner is scheduled for 21 October; I shall let you know how it all turned out.

Thanks again

Another satisfied customer. :-)

Thursday, 22 July 2010

What is the difference between Red Herring Games and the games you buy in the shops?

Well - the simplist answer I can give is - why don't you ask the shop?

Why do I say that?

Well - because I know that the shops won't be able to tell you!

Not only do they probably not even know what is IN the box set, what it's about, what it's content rating might be, and what you get inside - but even if they DO open the box, they wouldn't be able to answer any of your questions about how the game actually plays, who you should cast in what role, what kind of things you should buy as table favours, whether there is anything explicit mentioned in any of the character backgrounds that wouldn't suit your maiden aunt etc.

When you buy a game from us, it isn't just the game you are buying - it's the on-going customer support - something we at Red Herring Games take VERY seriously.

An example.

You've bought a box set from a book store. It says 6-8 players. The last two are optional and are told at the start of the game, or it's readily apparent to them and everyone else that they are optional as it says "Speak after Jacques Custard if he is present" (er... that's a big give away, as if you can play if he isn't there, then clearly he can't have done it!)

So you decide only to play with 6 people.

However at the last moment one of your guests rings in poorly. They can't come. Now what do you do? Well, the only option you have is for someone to play two parts. You decide to take the second part too.

Your new role tells you at the start of the book that you are the murderer.

Right.. well that's just ruined your entire evening. Not only are you now playing two roles, but you also know exactly WHO has committed the crime!

What would happen with a game from Red Herring Games.

First off - all our optional players are NEVER told. They are fully integrated into the game with scripted lines, questions for the other suspects and the other suspects have questions for them.

So you decide to run the game with 8. You also want 3 men and 5 women and you don't want people to have to cross dress or play a man's part.

No problem. We can do that too! We'll revise your game to 3 men and 5 women.

However - one of your females drops out at the last minute. You give us a call. We revise your entire game free of charge to eliminate the 8th person bringing your game down to 7 people. You have to reprint the booklets, but at least everyone can still take part and you STILL don't know who did it.

You begin playing. You don't know who the murderer is, neither does anyone else. It could be any one of you... by process of elimination and deductive reasoning when it comes to guessing who did it - you are SURE it's you - but you decide to throw everyone else off and finger someone else and give your reasons. Everyone else follows your lead. You all write down your answers (so that people can't say you changed your mind or cheated) and then listen to the solution - and is WAS you! You win!

Yes, boxed sets might work out marginally cheaper in the shops - but we don't aim to be the cheapest. (Why would anyone do that?) We aim to be the BEST!

Besides where else would you get 3 hours entertainment for under £2 a head?