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Thursday, 17 February 2011

Charity Murder Mystery - 11th March 2011 in Grimsby.

For all those looking at buying tickets... further information about the planned evening!

What’s it all about?

It’s the roaring twenties! Everyone has money, and life is free and easy.

It is a dynamic age. Motor cars, movies, radio and all manner of modern appliances and inventions are hitting the streets and amongst it all, the Flappers are parading their redefinition of womanhood, with bobbed hair, ever shortening skirts and a release from the traditional corsets.

In America, Prohibition is still in full swing and while it makes alcohol a difficult commodity to attain, it certainly isn’t impossible.

The Macaroni brothers are one of Chicago’s main families responsible for importing the contraband. They own Swingers, arguably the most popular speakeasy in all Chicago. From bodyguards to sassy jazz singers, alcohol to fine dining, this hip club has everything.

And tonight – it even has a murder. Bugs Macaroni, the big boss himself, is dead.

The only problem is – who killed him?

What is covered in the ticket price?

The ticket covers:

  • A three course meal, Tomato and Basil soup, chicken in white wine sauce or Triple stuffed squash for veggies, Chocolate pudding of some description… they’ll all be renamed on the night to something themed though… plus tea + coffee and mints.

  • Live entertainment in the form of a murder mystery AND a jazz duo – pianist and singer

  • Certificates and prizes for the super sleuths!

  • Prize for best fancy dress

  • A charitable donation

What should I know?

You don’t need to know anything about prohibition or any other historical facts!

You don’t need to have been to a murder mystery before. It’s all self explanatory on the night.

Most importantly : you won’t be asked to do any acting! (phew)

You should be aware there may be some loud bangs during the night and also some theatrical blood…

What will I have to do?

During the evening the guests don’t have to get involved by “acting” themselves. Nor is it essential to come in costume, though we are offering a prize for best fancy dress and quite a few are intending to come as Mobsters and Mols.

Instead the actors will deliver a series of “acted scenes” which will give you some of the information you need to solve the murder. However they won’t give away everything… instead it will be up to the guests to interrogate the cast as they come around the tables to find out all they know. We give you 5 questions to get you started, but after that you can ask anything and everything!

What else is there?

We’re also hosting a raffle on the night with some great prizes from Pennells, The Deep, Oasis Health Club, Parkway Cinemas, SMEIT, Crystal Pyramid, Utility Warehouse, Office Friends, Red Herring Games and Lees Furnishers to name a few…

And, for those in costume, there will be an event photographer there on the night who will be able to take your picture –he’ll be donating some money to charity for every photograph purchased.

What charities are being supported?

We’re supporting the MS Society and also 24+1 which is a local charity for families with premature babies.

Where do I buy tickets?

Tickets are available directly from ourselves tel: 01472 873021. Or if you want an overnight stay, the Humber Royal are offering a package deal available directly through them for the murder mystery, bed and breakfast.

Tickets are available to purchase singly or in groups. For those customers who are coming in teams of 8 or 10 (that’s a whole table) we’re throwing in a bottle of wine with the ticket price.

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