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Thursday, 17 February 2011

There's other companies, and then there's us!

Some murder mystery companies put on events that are… how shall we put it… dull. They, for example, announce a murder mystery like this:

COUGH. Ladies and gentlemen I’m sorry to inform you, there’s been a death.

Very droll.

Some murder mystery companies run events with only one death which occurs before the night even begins – boring!

Some murder mystery companies are so concerned that you aren’t going to find enough to entertain you in their murder mystery evening that they ask the guests to write a limerick and award a prize for the best one at the end of the night. What an amusing idea… not.

WE are different. WE announce a death as if it's just been discovered... SCREAMING! WE usually have two deaths in an evening, and for the charity event coming up shortly within Grimsby the body count is even higher with THREE deaths.

During the night we kill someone you’ve got to know and love and we NEVER get you to write a poxy limerick, as if, our event was that bad, we’d just have to shoot ourselves.

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