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Wednesday, 30 March 2011

5 place setting ideas to jazz up your murder mystery dining table!

You're hosting a murder mystery and you want to create some simple but effective place settings for your guests. There are a number of ways you can do this, but try these for size...

1) Making the most of standard bi-fold cards! You can buy place setting cards from most good stationers or you can make them yourself by simply folding over a piece of card! You could print or type their name onto the card, but how do you make them that little bit special...

- pen and ink - Never discount the simplicity of pen and ink. A good piece of calligraphy can add a lot to a place setting. You can also use pen to colour in shapes, draw cartoon images or simply colour in a printed picture. If you have a gold or silver marker, then a simple sparkling border around the name is elegant all on it's own.

- Glue-ons - Yes, the all time favourite for home-crafting... those glue-on extras! This can be anything from sticking on confetti, glitter and punched out shapes, or if you use a hot glue gun then you can really go to town with bulky bits, crafting jewels, ribbons, bows, or even small novelty daggers and old cluedo pieces.

- punch outs - there are a number of different ways of punching out shapes from card. You can buy special scissors that will cut a fancy edge, and also small punches that will cut any number of shapes. But if all you have access to is a hole-punch then don't despair! Use the large hole it creates to thread through some ribbon, or crime scene tape to give it that extra bit of pizzazz.

- sewing - beware of the point of the needle - but it IS possible to sew card to make all sorts of interesting designs. Just thread up a sharp needle with sparkly thread and away you go! If you aren't sure about sewing thread - then why not just repeatedly punch the card using the needle to create simple but effective pergamot edging.

- embossing - you can buy embossing tools from most crafting shops and use these to emboss your card. But if you don't have anything fancy to hand, why not find an interesting shape in the house and rub the card hard over that. It'll give the surface of the card an embossed feel without the expense of buying any tools. For example, try the inside (unsharpe side) of a nutmeg grater for a great bumpy effect.

2) Small gifts Attach the guest's name to a small gift left in their place setting. The gifts could be anything from a wine charm (always useful at a party) to a specially gift wrapped present. Let your imagination run a bit wild. if you want something murder mystery themed, then check out our range of murder mystery gifts at Red Herring Games. Our mystery mini bookmarks work great as little name label gifts as you can simply clip them to the standard cards and the guests can take them home at the end of the evening.

3) Murdering knives! - you can't beat stabbing things to attract people's attention! Steak knives work the best as they look lethal, but you can use standard knives, letter openers, skewers or cocktail sticks decorated as daggers! Find some oasis, clay, plastercine or alternatively a few vegetables that you can cut up that will hold the weight of the knife e.g. a melon or potato. Cover the oasis or vegetable with a cloth / tissue / wrapping paper / or if clay, mould to a body shape, and stab in the knife. Then simply label the knife with the guest's name. You can do this on a small scale with cocktail sticks decorated as knives and if you like baking, then why not kill some gingerbread men, using red icing sugar as blood!

4) Crackers! Party crackers aren't just for Christmas! They are great all year round. You can make your own, or buy them in from somewhere like GoCrackers! which specialises in personalised crackers all year round and will even label them for you!

5) Small scale crime scenes. This is easy to do, and if you don't don't want to write on your table cloth, then you can always use paper! Simply mark out each place setting with evidence tape (yes we sell that too!) and draw a black dead body outline in the centre of each rectangle. Then write the guest's names in red pen (blood) inside the dead body. Again you may want to cut out little daggers to add to the mini-crime scene effect. Alternatively, why not use our photo evidence markers or evidence bags for name labels.

Whatever you decide to do, don't be boring! Let your imagination run wild and get your guests in the CSI frame of mind before the party even begins!

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

5 ways to make the most of your crime scene at your murder mystery party!

You've picked your murder mystery, you've invited your guests... but what about the dead body? Aren't they invited too?

Five top tips to creating your crime scene.

1) Find out all you can about the murder before the party. Some games (like ours) have information on the crime scene in the inspector speeches you can access. (ours are in round 2 and won't give the game away!). Use this information to set up the crime scene in the right place in your house. E.g. If it's in the bathroom then set the crime scene up in the bathroom. If it's in the kitchen, set the crime scene up in the kitchen.

2) Find the murder weapon used, if known, and have it present at the scene. it might be a sword, a skewer, a knife, a dagger, a hammer... whatever. it'll add to the atmosphere.

3) Get some fake blood - but beware of stains! Fake blood is great, but it often stains fabric, so do be careful. If in doubt or if you are worried about your carpet, then why not put the blood onto some clear plastic e.g. cellophane. You can make fake blood easily by adding food die to tomato sauce. Add some red and then a dab of blue to get a nice bloody look. We've always got a bottle of ketchup in our cupboard labelled "Blood". (It comes in handy if you run out of BBQ sauce, but nobody ever wants to eat it!)

4) Make a body outline. Use either chalk or masking tape to mark out a dead body outline on the floor. If it's a pale surface then use black eletrical tape to mark out the body.

5) Tape, signs, tape and more tape! Go wild with the cordon's and evidence markers. Crime scene tape is available from many joke shops and we also stock it too at so there's no excuse not to have the real thing!

Monday, 28 March 2011

30 years of murder mystery weekends!

Would you believe, murder mystery weekends have been on the go now in the UK for 30 years. And they are still as popular as they were back in the 80's when they first came out!

Red Herring Games haven't been going that long (I'm not that OLD!) But we are proud to say we are already ranked as one of the best murder mystery providers in the UK with thousands of happy customers! We were even featured in Tesco Magasine back in January for our Free fundraising murder mystery game "Fete Accompli" available through our website - a great resource for those people fundraising for "Race for life".

Last weekend saw the first murder mystery at Doncaster Racecourse, custom written to the venue. This week will see the release of the game which kept 187 people puzzled all evening. Our cast on the night were (left to right): Kerry Buckley (playing Ava Flutter), Helen Slater (playing Claire Leader), Helen Kent(Playing Trixie Bett, the wife of the deceased, Evan Bett - not present in the photo for obvious reasons), Nic Adams (playing Ron Furlong), Stephen Bellamy (playing Martin Gale), Shirley Lewis (playing Lotta Wynners) and Matt Storey (our very own Inspector Ray Scorse).

Riddle at the Racecourse is available now from Red Herring Games starting at £49.99.

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

New Release

Greased(clue based large group game) by Jo Smedley

With rock and roll music and thick shakes, the Doo-Wop diner is the popular place to hang out in Ryedale.

However – things aren’t exactly rocking at the diner this evening when Elvis is found outside, dead in the garbage!

His death comes as a great shock to both the leather clad G-birds and the pink jacketed Fuchsia Girls. However more shocks are to follow when the police arrive and announce that the killer is one of them!

Thursday, 17 March 2011

Some recent photos from our Charity Murder Mystery Night

In total the evening raised just over £900 for the two charities (The M.S. Society and 24+1). The guests had a fantastic evening and many are rebooking already for our next local event at the Ashbourne Hotel in October (And this is before we've even finalised a date!!).

Enjoy the pictures!

Recent Review

This is an excellent game and myself and my family had a brillant night. The game is written with great humour and the characters are really entertaining.
If you have never hosted a murder mystery night I recommend that you give it a go. It's hours of fun and a great way to celerbrate any occassion.
I'm addicted and have been back in touch with the ever so helpful Jo and ordered another game for my boyfriends birthday and can not wait to dress up and have fun with our friends. - Claire Worboyes