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Thursday, 25 August 2011

A musical murder?

This month sees a new venture for one of our authors. Jo Smedley has joined forces with the local amateur operatic society and between them they've created "The Sound of Murder" a murder mystery muscial!

This should be an experience and if the body count is as high and the sillyness as daft as Jo's usual games, then the audience are in for a thrill.

Do support Curtain Up in their first "world premiere". Tickets will sell fast and further information is available here:

New Game releases!

Oh dear - we've been so busy launching new games recently we've forgotton to update the blog! Hey ho...

However - for those who haven't been on the site for a while we've got another two cracking games.

Stiffen Very Carefully (6 player) (8 player) (10 player) (12 player) (Large group version) by Michelle Crowther.

An an "allo allo" inspired murder mystery romp!

Listen very carefully; this is ‘Night Owl’ calling...

It is wartime in occupied France and in the sleepy village of Vieuxvion, café owners Ronné and Ethel Tartine are trying to keep the Germans happy while secretly helping the Résistance.

However, all hell breaks loose when the body of an RAF pilot is found at the café. It looks suspiciously like murder, but who did it and why was the pilot holding a (German?!) sausage?


A Mysterious Mayan Murder! by Jo Smedley.

Presently only available in the large group version (as the sound recordist is on holiday) but the small group games will be on their way shortly.

For the last 50 years, archeologists and museums have been searching for an as yet undiscovered Mayan city.

Dubbed Site Q by the academic fraternity, artefacts supposedly recovered from the site by local inhabitants have been available on the black market since around 1965. The location of the site, however, has remained a mystery. Until now…

Doug Oles, eminent archeologist and team leader of one of many archeological expeditions to the New World, has discovered a previously unknown city nestling in the hills of the heavily forrested region of the Yucatan peninsula.

Confident of his ability to prove that the site, which he has named as “Nova Corona”, is Site Q, Doug has called a preview dinner and invited celebrities and co-workers to an after dinner lecture in which he hopes to present not only his compelling evidence, but also a sensational new find.

However, at the pre-dinner drinks, tragedy strikes. Doug Oles is reported dead.

The question is, who killed him and why?